Dip Mix | Quinn's Mercantile

  • $6.00

Parmesan Peppercorn. 

If you love parmesan cheese...watch out, because this dip is addicting! So many ways to use it...spread on a soft tortilla shell, add diced grilled chicken, romaine lettuce & whatever other toppings you like for a simple meal...or, thin out with milk and use as a salad dressing. This dip is exploding with flavor, you will not be disappointed!

Sweet & Smokey Spinach.  That's just what it is... sweet and just a lil' smokey. This Dip dix is great on a baked potato...or try making it into a cheeseball by mixing it with one or two blocks of cream cheese.... better yet, try the Sweet & Smokey Artichoke Dip recipe on the back of the package.

Amaretto Cherry. This dip mix is rockin'! You can't go wrong with anything AMARETTO, right? ...and to top it off it has a mild sweet cherry flavor! Makes an awesome cheesecake filling...wanna get crazy?...add a splash of amaretto liqueur!

Pina Colada.  Let this amazingly sweet dip take you straight to the tropics! Jazz it up by adding some coconut rum...yum yum! Serve with pretzels, vanilla wafers, or any fresh fruit.....makes a delicious base for an ambrosia salad.

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